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Here at Patent™, we specialize in exceptionally innovative solutions for dentistry. We believe in the power of new technologies to change the world. With our unique and patented process that has revolutionized the manufacturing of dental implants, we are actively shaping the technological landscape of an entire industry. 

What drives us? ThPatent™e passion to solve problems. We aim to eliminate peri-implantitis – the most serious and common complication in dental implantology – from everyday practice. Long-term studies have shown that with our flagship product, the Patent™ Dental Implant System, this goal can be achieved. 

For us, it's not just about products – it's about responsibility and trust. We rely on scientifically backed approaches and only bring products to market that are supported by years of evidence. Independent studies and documented successes from over 20 years of clinical use have earned the Patent™ Dental Implant System worldwide recognition as an exceptionally evidence-based implant system. 

But the best thing about our company? Our team. Patent™ is not an anonymous corporate giant – we are a family of nearly 40 employees who are growing together and constantly learning. Based in our headquarters in Zurich and our branches in eight European countries, we've been on a steep growth trajectory since 2019. We provide customers with first-rate, personal support and training on-site, offering empathetic, needs-based consulting at eye level. 

For us, Patent™ is not only about technological advancement or hypergrowth. It's about change and disruptiveness, but above all, it's about impact

At Patent™, we want to make a difference – beyond the boundaries of dentistry. 

Do you want to be part of it? Then get in touch and let's achieve get things together!

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Marco Waldner

CEO & Founder

Paul Delgado

Director International Sales & Education

Melanie Elben 

Director Operations & Marketing 

Magnus Persson

Director Sales Europe 

René Tenger


Gerry Romanescu

Manager Customer Experience 

Madeleine Mallner

HR & Accounting Manager 

Alexa Tamásy

International Event Coordinator 

Ines Zivkovic

Assistant Administation & Marketing 

Benjamin Lutje

Head of Digital Marketing

Duc An Do

Creative Director 

Johannes Liebsch

Marketing & PR Coordinator 

Thaddäus Jaeger

Senior Sales & Operations Manager 

Martin Schraffl

Head of Product Management & Dental Services 

Marc Sommer

Head of Education

Andreas Winsauer

Regional Business Development Manager 

Eduard Fefer

Sales Representative Germany 

Colette Persson

Regional Business Development Manager 

Maud Escandre

Territory Manager France

Kristel Caumartin

Territory Manager France

Corinne D’Alexandris

Territory Manager France

Mélanie Chocholle

Territory Manager France

Tatiana Vedrin

Territory Manager Belgium

Gabriella Pelsőczi

Territory Manager Hungary

Maria Manuel Ferreira

Territory Manager Portugal

Pia Zingarelli

Business Development Manager Italy  

Danny Van den Broek

Customer Service Manager Europe  

Lesly Meeuwissen

Customer Service Assistant Europe  

Claudia John

Production Plant Manager

Peter Kastl

Production Plant Manager

Stephan Urban

Production Assistant

Stephanie Prochaczek

Production Assistant

Cem Köse

Production Assistant