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  In 2004 a small technology company was established in Bavaria, Germany with the aspiration to further improve the long-term efficacy of dental implantology using newer and more biologically sound materials and techniques. With its proprietary manufacturing process, combined with its biomimetic design, the unique Zirconia Dental Implant System Patent™ was born.

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Patented Manufacturing Process

The Patent™ Dental Implant System uses a proprietary manufacturing process which eliminates production induced micro-cracks, giving you long-term peace of mind and confidence.  

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Hydrophilic Surface

An added feature of our proprietary manufacturing process is the creation of a specialized hydrophilic rough surface ensuring optimum bone to implant contact, and reliable osseointegration.

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Conventional Dental Treatment

Our customers can easily enjoy incorporate the Patent™ Dental Implant System into their practice without the need for specialized training, instruments, or added inventory costs.


Patent™ Standard Implants

Simplicity is the new standard. One revolutionary surface, two components, no screws. The implants are made from ceramic (Y-TZP zirconia) and are available as one- or two-piece and completely customizable. The post is made from high-performance glass fiber. That’s what Patent™ is all about.

Patent™ custom-made Implants

Individuality is the new perfection. Every smile is different, and in many cases, a customizable solution is the best way to natural esthetics, good oral health and long-term patient satisfaction. We are convinced that our approach is the right approach, which is why we are the only implant company that offers individualized ceramic implants.


Patent™ Instruments

The Patent™ Surgical Kit is designed for a lean surgical protocol. With a minimum number of instruments, and an ergonomically designed kit, users of all experience levels will gain immediate comfort placing and restoring the Patent™ Dental Implant System.

Patent™ Components

The design rationale for the Patent™ Dental Implant System is inspired by the natural biology of a healthy tooth. With this in mind, our prosthetic approach mimics traditional crown and bridge tooth restorations.


Testimonial - Dr. Sven-Marcus Beschnidt

"...this is unique worldwide at the moment..." ~Sven-Marcus Beschnidt 

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Clinical Evidence

Patent™    is the world's most well-documented two-piece ceramic implant system.  

A prospective study with a two-year follow-up of 52 patients revealed a 95.8% cumulative survival rate. And a retrospective study with a three-year follow-up of 74 patients revealed a 96.5% cumulative survival rate. These clinical studies attest to our product's longevity, sustainability, and overall success.

Who is it For?

The Patent ™ Dental Implant System is for dental professionals who want to deliver nothing but the best to their patients, especially those who want to move away from traditional metallic implants and embrace the natural esthetics of zirconia implants.


The  Patent™ Starter Set

The Patent™ Starter Set includes 15 zirconia implants, a surgical kit, and a training course. We're currently offering a 30% discount to all first-time customers.

Patent™ Dental Implants

The starter set includes 15 standard Patent™ Zirconia Implants.

Patent™ Surgical Kit

The starter set includes a surgical kit complete with all the tools necessary for the procedure.

Patent™ Training

Our comprehensive training course will equip you to treat any indication with the Patent™ Dental Implant System. 

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