Patent™ Evening Seminar Toulouse_Sept. 2023

Toulouse, France

"The new standard is “long-term oral health”

Join us on September 13th for an informative and engaging evening seminar hosted by Zircon Medical in the beautiful city of Toulouse. During the event, Zircon Medical Territory Manager Kristel Caumartin will introduce you to the revolutionary Patent™ Dental Implant System, which has set a new standard for implant success:

In clinical long-term studies integrated Patent™ Implants have been shown to exhibit healthy soft tissues and stable marginal bone levels after 9 years, and no signs of peri-implantitis even after 12 years. In light of these outstanding results, we have the responsibility to revisit our definitions of success. Employing criteria like "survival rates" or "success rates" to measure implant success no longer suffices because something better is achievable. 

The new standard is “long-term oral health” – as Patent™ Implants have impressively demonstrated. 

In an informal setting, you will discover the clinical benefits of the revolutionary soft-tissue-level design and the innovative prosthetic concept of the Patent™ System, which was specifically invented to eliminate the drawbacks of conventional screw-based dental implants and, in doing so, facilitate long-term oral health. You will also have the opportunity to get to know the specialists behind Zircon Medical and you will learn why the Zurich-based manufacturing company is a driving force of innovation with their proprietary production process which lends the Patent™ Implant outstanding surface properties that are crucial for its proven long-term success. 

We hope that the event will inspire you to join us for future hands-on training courses, where you'll learn how to place and restore Patent™ Implants in daily clinical practice. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry's leading experts about the future in long-term healthy tooth replacements – Register now to secure your place!

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Date & Time
Wednesday September 13, 2023
6:00 PM 11:30 PM (Europe/Zurich)

Grain de folie

17 Pl. Dupuy
31000 Toulouse
--Grain de folie--
+33 5 61 62 42 22
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Kristel Caumartin

+33 6 22 30 97 34

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