Patent™ Evening Seminar Lousada (Invitation only)

Lousada, Portugal

"The long-term healthy tooth replacement solution - proven by science"
Are we really measuring implant success correctly today?
Shouldn’t it be all about the long-term outcome - after ten years?

Join us on July 07th for an informative and engaging evening seminar hosted by Zircon Medical in the beautiful city of Lousada. During the event, Zircon Medical Territory Manager Maria Manuel Ferreira will introduce you to the revolutionary Patent™ Dental Implant System, which has set a new standard for implant success:

In clinical long-term studies integrated Patent™ Implants have been shown to exhibit healthy soft tissues and stable marginal bone levels after 9 years, and no signs of peri-implantitis even after 12 years. In light of these outstanding results, we have the responsibility to revisit our definitions of success. Employing criteria like "survival rates" or "success rates" to measure implant success no longer suffices because something better is achievable.

Maria Manuel Ferreira

Territory Manager Portugal
Date & Time
July 7, 2023
8:00 PM 11:00 PM Europe/Zurich

Lousada Country Hotel

Variante de Vila Meã 531
Lousada 4620-426
--Lousada Country Hotel--
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Maria Manuel Ferreira

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