37as Jornadas de Medicina Oral

Lisbon, Portugal

The Oral Medicine Days

The Oral Medicine Days (Jornadas de Medicina Oral), hosted by the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the University of Lisbon, stand as Portugal's oldest scientific gathering in the field. Organized by the Lisbon Academic Dental Association (Associação Académica de Medicina Dentária de Lisboa), the event is steered by a student-driven Organizing Committee from various academic backgrounds.

Focused on showcasing clinical advancements, product innovations, and emerging technologies, the event aims to foster critical thinking and uplift the student community alongside other participants. Prioritizing scientific exchange, teaching, and research, the initiative aims to enhance the academic journey of students in dentistry, oral hygiene, and dental prosthetics, enriching their learning experience.

As part of the event, Portugal-based Dr. Joana Vasconcelos e Cruz, who is proficient in the use of Patent™, will hold a presentation in which she will detail her clinical experiences with this remarkable tooth replacement solutions and explain why Patent™ Dental Implants represent a real breakthrough - a true paradigm shift - in the prevention of peri-implantitis in daily implant practice.

Prof. Dr. Joana Vasconcelos e Cruz

Date & Time
Tuesday May 28, 2024
Start - 9:00 AM (Europe/Zurich)
Wednesday May 29, 2024
End - 2:00 PM (Europe/Zurich)

Faculdade de Medicina Dentária da Faculdade de Lisboa (FMDUL)

Rua Teresa Ambrósio
Lisboa 1600-277
+351 926 443 292
+351 21 792 2600
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Faculdade de Medicina Dentária da Faculdade de Lisboa (FMDUL)

+351 926 443 292
+351 21 792 2600

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