Managing an Implant Practice with Passion and Self-Reflection

In Conversation with  Dentist Andreas Bedernik
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In Conversation with dentist Andreas Bedernik

In this episode of the Zircon Medical Podcast, we are delighted to welcome dentist Andreas Bedernik, a dedicated dentist specializing in endodontics and implantology. During our interview, this Nuremberg-based dental professional shares the immense satisfaction he derives from witnessing swift treatment successes and sending patients home from his practice with a brilliant new smile.

Dentist Bedernik finds his daily clinical work deeply rewarding and recognizes the profound impact it can have on his patients' lives. Such a significant responsibility naturally necessitates continuous self-reflection for the dentist.

Challenges in Managing a Dental Practice

Dentist Bedernik openly discusses the challenges he faces in managing his own practice. One major hurdle is not only attracting but also retaining qualified staff. Given the shortage of skilled professionals in dentistry, this has evolved into an ongoing struggle. The issue of compensation in the context of inflation is also highly intricate. The dentist underscores the importance of aligning his team's financial well-being with the economic reality of his practice. To motivate and retain employees, he insists that tailored strategies are indispensable.

Keeping Needs in Focus through Open Communication

Dentist Bedernik sees a current challenge in leading his team as adapting to the individual needs of each employee. For example, there is consideration of changing shift schedules to accommodate a standard workday for full-time staff and apprentices. An open communication culture plays a central role here: Dentist Bedernik's team should feel comfortable expressing their concerns openly. He emphasizes that employee engagement goes beyond financial compensation. It's also about recognizing each team member as an invaluable contributor, involving them in decision-making processes, and fostering a sense of belonging.

The Future of Dentistry

When discussing potential developments in dentistry, dentist Bedernik foresees the ascent of artificial intelligence and digitization. While he acknowledges the advantages of artificial intelligence, he voices concerns about the possibility of AI programs eventually replacing human staff entirely. Furthermore, the Nuremberg dentist hopes that bureaucratic obstacles in dentistry will diminish in the future, with digitization and modern technologies such as 3D printing and digital scanning becoming commonplace in dental practices worldwide. In particular, he sees significant benefits in intraoral scanning for dental procedures, though he stresses the importance of tailoring this technology to individual situations.

Getting in Touch

Those who wish to contact dentist Bedernik can reach out through Google to his Nuremberg practice or message him on Instagram or Facebook. Dentist Bedernik encourages both colleagues and patients to reach out for advice and guidance! For aspiring dentists, he recommends gaining practical experience in the real world before pursuing further qualifications and training. Additionally, he suggests taking time to travel and reflect before entering the professional world.

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