Managing a Practice as a Married Couple: Leveraging Benefits and Overcoming Challenges

In conversation with Dr. Melanie and Dr. Hannes Freiberger
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In conversation with Dr. Melanie and Dr. Hannes Freiberger

In this episode of the Zircon Medical Podcast, we engage in a compelling conversation with Drs. Melanie and Hannes Freiberger, delving into their remarkable odyssey within the field of dentistry. Together, they helm a thriving dental practice in Bayreuth, Germany, a legacy handed down by Hannes' father in 2011, which they expanded ever since. The couple takes immense pride in their professional accomplishments, which span not only the growth of their practice but also their unwavering commitment to enhancing their expertise, ensuring the highest quality of care for their patients.

Within their practice, Dr. Melanie and Dr. Hannes Freiberger oversee a team of thirteen dedicated professionals. Hannes specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery and implantology, while Melanie's focus encompasses orthodontic treatments with aligners and the intricacies of temporomandibular disorder (TMD) therapy. Their journey was not without challenges; in 2022, the departure of three team members compelled them to reassign responsibilities and temporarily adjust working hours, a strategic move that proved instrumental in upholding the practice's stability.

Oral health and general health

Melanie and Hannes are fervent advocates for elevating awareness surrounding oral health and its profound interplay with overall well-being. They aspire to foster greater collaboration and communication between dentists and professionals from diverse medical domains, recognizing the profound impact of dental issues on general health. They were lucky to have experienced collaborative triumphs first-hand, where joint efforts between dentists and orthopedic specialists yielded positive outcomes for patients grappling with joint problems stemming from dental issues.

Advantages of working together as a married couple

In our discussion, Dr. Melanie and Dr. Hannes Freiberger also share insights into their unique dynamic as a married couple practicing dentistry together. They acknowledge the distinct advantages of harmonizing their professional and personal lives, leveraging their individual skills and areas of expertise to complement each other's contributions. Yet, it is crucial to note that despite working within the same practice, they maintain a focused approach during working hours, concentrating on their respective roles. Nonetheless, they seize opportunities to deliberate cases and exchange diverse perspectives—a fruitful aspect of their collaborative journey. Furthermore, Hannes emphasizes the significance of managing administrative tasks at home to maintain a work-life balance.

In anticipation of the future, these two passionate dentists harbor aspirations for the continued growth and evolution of their practice. They underscore the paramount importance of perpetual improvement and resist the allure of complacency. Their vision also encompasses intensified patient communication and the cultivation of interdisciplinary alliances, all in pursuit of providing the best care possible. Reflecting on their early professional trajectories, they discern the potential benefits of additional training, particularly in areas such as practice management and leadership. Overall, their shared dental journey has been a source of deep satisfaction.

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