A Personal Perspective on Dentistry

In Conversation with  Dr. Eva Freund
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In Conversation with Dr. Eva Freund

Dr. Freund's journey in dentistry began with a genuine desire to transform smiles and enhance overall oral health. Her particular interest in aesthetic dentistry and CMD treatment emerged from a recognition of the profound impact they have on individuals' self-esteem and well-being.

Innovating Through New Media and Technology

The ever-evolving landscape of technology has not escaped Dr. Freund's attention. She is enthusiastic about leveraging platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok – always with the help of her beloved daughter – to disseminate informative content, share patient success stories, and provide valuable dental insights. These tools, she believes, have the power to connect with a wider audience and facilitate greater awareness of dental health.

Navigating Personnel Challenges with Resilience

In 2021, after giving practice management into the wrong hands and as a result of the emotional toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on her staff, Dr. Freund faced an unexpected personnel crisis. Despite the loss of several team members, she exhibited remarkable resilience, buoyed by her husband's support, professional coaching, and her inherent positivity. Dr. Freund's unwavering dedication to her practice and her commitment to delivering comprehensive dental care shine through this challenging period.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Dr. Freund envisions her practice attracting patients who appreciate and embrace digital dentistry and modern practices. She emphasizes the transformative benefits of digitalization, including reduced waiting times, improved patient education through visual aids, and enhanced diagnostic capabilities. Dr. Freund firmly believes that digitalization has significantly enhanced patient care and practice management, streamlining workflows and minimizing paper usage. Her ultimate goal is to keep expanding her practice while maintaining the highest standards of care and embracing the latest technological advancements.

Expanding Expertise in Implantology

Dr. Freund also reveals her eagerness to broaden her expertise in implantology, recognizing the potential benefits this can bring to her small-town practice where specialized services are limited. Her proudest achievements include successfully addressing the dental care challenges of patients who had previously struggled, navigating the trials of maintaining her dental practice during challenging times, and contributing to the education of budding dental professionals.

Words of Wisdom and Wanderlust

Reflecting on her journey, Dr. Freund advises her younger self and others to pursue their interests and goals with unwavering determination, undeterred by the opinions of others. For relaxation, she recommends Peter Mayle's "Mein Jahr in der Provence." And, for those with a penchant for travel, she hints at her next destination, possibly a return trip to Madeira or an exploration of the West Coast of the USA, revealing her deep-seated love for travel.