Unique Soft-Tissue Seal

Ultimate tissue protection against bacterial invasion

The Patent™ Implant not only offers a high degree of soft-tissue adaptation – it goes far beyond that: a veritable soft-tissue seal forms around its collar, which protects the peri-implant tissues from the penetration of harmful bacteria.

The soft tissues around a dental implant should ideally act as a defense barrier against attacks from harmful bacteria. If the soft-tissue adaptation to a dental implant is not strong enough, bacterial pathogens in the oral cavity can penetrate past the implant into the deeper tissues, where they promote peri-implant mucositis, peri-implantitis, and marginal bone loss. Of all dental implants available today, Patent™ is leading the way: thanks to the unique combination of soft-tissue-level implant design, ideal transgingival surface properties and incredibly tissue-friendly zirconia, a veritable sealing of the soft tissues occurs around the collar of the healed Patent™ Implant. This soft-tissue seal prevents harmful bacteria from entering the deeper soft and hard tissues, and as a result leads to healthy and stable peri-implant tissues over the long term.

The clinical benefits of this soft-tissue seal have been scientifically proven: histological examinations by Dr. Peter Schüpbach and Dr. Roland Glauser showed completely inflammation-free soft tissues around Patent™ Implants after eight weeks of healing – despite the accumulation of plaque around the control implants. A three-year study by Brüll et al. reports significantly shallower pocket depths around integrated Patent™ Implants than around the natural teeth of the same patients, and less bleeding on probing occurred around the implants. In unprecedented clinical long-term studies, all Patent™ Implants investigated showed healthy hard- and soft-tissue conditions, and no signs of peri-implantitis – even after 12 years.

The Soft-Tissue-Level Design of the Patent™ Implant
An implant designed for long-term oral health