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Why is the post not screwed in?

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Most other two-piece dental implants maintain a screw-retained connection between the implant and the abutment. There are several disadvantages with that:

   Metallic screws, like titanium and gold alloys, prevent the implant system from being 100% metal-free.

   In screwed connections, the micro-gaps between the implant and abutment surface are vulnerable to wear and bacterial infiltration.

   All screw-retained systems, metallic and non-metallic, carry a prevalent risk of the screw loosening or breaking.


Patent™ implants overcome these challenges by establishing a cemented connection between the implant and the glass fiber post. Cementation eliminates micro-gaps between the components, negating the risk of bacterial colonization. The lack of screws negates the risk of the screws loosening or coming undone. And its also easier to handle — no screws, no screwdrivers, only conventional prosthetic work.




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