Self-improvement and leaving a mark through dentistry

In Conversation with Dr. Firas Zoubi

In conversation with Dr. Firas Zoubi


In this episode of the Zircon Medical podcast, we have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Firas Zoubi, a young and driven dentist who has specialized in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry, oral surgery, and implantology after studying in Dresden and Münster. Dr. Zoubi's passion for transforming patients' smiles has earned him a nationwide reputation and a growing following on Instagram under @dr.firaszoubi, with a new channel called "Studio Zoubi" already in the works for his upcoming practice.

A pivotal moment in the life of this ever-self-improving dental professional was his time at the Kleinsman/Varzideh practice in Bocholt, where he learned a great deal from his mentor, Dr. Richard Kleinsman, not only in terms of professional skills but also as a person. Dr. Zoubi was deeply impressed by the high standard of dental care and the dedication to perfectionism that he observed there. His mentor encouraged him to strive for excellence and pushed him to make great strides in his personal and professional development. Through this transformative experience, Dr. Zoubi grew not only as a dentist but also as an individual.

Leaving a mark through dentistry

When asked what kind of impact he hopes to make, Dr. Zoubi replied with pride that he has already left marks through his work in dentistry, and he aims to leave many more. In his view, dentistry offers the unique opportunity to help patients become a better version of themselves, not only by enhancing their physical appearance but also by improving their self-esteem and confidence. For Dr. Zoubi, the quality of treatment and its positive impact on patients' lives is what truly matters, beyond the price of a reconstruction or the beauty of ceramic teeth. When he senses a transformation in his patients that extends beyond their oral health, he knows that he and his team have succeeded in their mission. As Aldo Gucci once said, "Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten."

New practice: the idea emerged during lockdown

The decision which set Zoubi's plans in motion to start his own practice was made about two and a half years ago. The practice where he was working at the time was purchased by investors, prompting him to look for a new solution. In 2013, his father had offered him a property, which he had declined at the time. However, during lockdown, Dr. Zoubi spent a lot of time with his family, and they came up with the idea to use the property for a new dental practice. Together with his three brothers and his mother, they demolished the existing buildings on the site and have been building the new practice over the past two years. Currently, the interior work is in full swing, and Dr. Zoubi hopes to open the doors in September. With marketing and staffing matters also on his plate, the young dentist has hardly any spare time these days. His new practice will have a unique and organic charm, inspired by the lessons he learned from his mentor, Kleinsman.

Always striving for self-improvement

Dr. Firas Zoubi is a perpetual self-improver, and while it's a blessing, it can also be a curse. Despite his impressive achievements, the young dentist confesses that he may not be easily satisfied. However, he finds his inner contentment through a positive environment, a stellar team, and delighted patients. In the past decade, Dr. Zoubi has undergone remarkable growth, earning two master's degrees and preparing to open his own practice. He recommends "The Wim Hof Method" by the renowned "Godfather of Biohacking," Wim Hof, which advocates meditation, cold exposure, and cold showers to enhance health. Dr. Zoubi himself regularly employs these techniques and wholeheartedly recommends them.

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