On perfectionism and finding inner contentment

In Conversation with Dr. Lea Recoder
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In conversation with Dr. Lea Recoder


Dr. Lea Recoder is a dedicated private dentist and practice owner who strives to provide the highest quality care in a pleasant environment, tailored to meet the needs of her patients. Born in Slovakia and raised on Lake Constance, Dr. Recoder established her dental practice in Baar, Switzerland seven years ago, where she and her employed dentist cover various dental fields – although they cannot avoid occasionally referring more complicated cases to specialists.

A great degree of joy in life determines her daily actions, and she finds great joy in simplifying things. With her authentic and likable social media presence, the dentist attracts many people of all ages.

Setting priorities – the key to success 

Dr. Recoder learned the quality of her dental work and her kindness not through her studies, but through her experiences in her own practice. Nevertheless, the dentist struggles with all too human challenges: she often finds it difficult to be proud of her personal successes because she is very achievement-oriented and always sets very high goals that she strives to achieve. Nevertheless, she usually manages to juggle everything, especially the challenges that arise from being a single parent and not having her family living just around the corner.

For Dr. Recoder, it is essential to set priorities: at the beginning of her career, she had difficulty trying to satisfy all patients and constantly striving for "perfection." However, she has since learned that compromises are unavoidable and that her family must always come first. While she wishes for more leisure time with her eight-year-old son, she recognizes the difficulty of "making time" in her profession. Only recently was she able to take a much-needed vacation after 13 years of work.

Dr. Recoder: "Good leaders must be receptive to criticism!" 

Dr. Recoder emphasizes the importance of communication within both her family and practice. While she believes communication skills can be developed and improved, she attributes her innate talent to her communicative family upbringing. 

Regarding "leadership," Dr. Recoder believes that to be a good leader, one must be able to express criticism well, but one must also be equally receptive to criticism. The Swiss-based dentist also emphasizes the importance of occasionally taking a break and being content and that it is not always necessary to strive for more success– or to work even harder.

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