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In Conversation with Clara Marlene Schulz
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In conversation with Dentist Clara Marlene Schulz


Marlene shares her story on the podcast about how she found her current position in a dental practice in Herne, after a world trip and a brief stop in Bochum. She is not only a motivated dentist, but also a creative and curious person who strives daily to find inner satisfaction. Marlene values the personal relationship with her boss and finds the individual care concept very appealing. In addition to her profession, Marlene has various hobbies and engages in sports to balance her life. She is a cheerful person who expresses her creativity in her free time.

On social media, she shares everything related to dentistry, often in a humorous way, inspiring her followers. Marlene values not only meeting the needs of her patients, but also her own. With her positive attitude and dedication, she is a valuable addition to the dental practice and the people in her environment.

Breaking out of the rat race

During her assistantship, dentist Schulz experienced a certain disillusionment. She felt that she was not being challenged enough and that her professional development was stagnating. She described it quite accurately: "It was as if I was trapped in a hamster wheel!" To break out of this cycle, she decided to attend further education courses to expand her skills and knowledge.  
Currently, she is completing the curriculum for aesthetic dentistry and endodontics. The dentist finds great joy in applying and implementing her acquired knowledge in practice. This gives her the opportunity to look at various topics from different perspectives and to set new standards for her work. Additionally, she recognizes that she can also use her acquired skills on her social media channels.

From family to dentistry

The young dentist comes from a family of doctors and has always had a passion for working with her hands. When she had to decide which field of study to pursue at the age of 17, her father suggested dentistry or medicine, as they would offer her financial independence and the ability to work independently. Despite having interests in other areas, she ultimately decided on dentistry. A balanced lifestyle between work, leisure, pleasure, and responsibility was important to her, and she believed that dentistry was the best path to achieve this. After an internship with her uncle, her decision was reinforced by the professional freedoms that dentistry offered.

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