The new practice:Focusing on comfort and digital workflows

In Conversation with Dr. Madeleine Scott and Dr. Shawn Scott
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In conversation with Dr. Madeleine Scott and Dr. Shawn Scott


Dr. Madeleine Scott and Dr. Shawn Scott are a newly married couple of dentists who share a passion for cycling and dentistry. They first crossed paths during a bike tour in Tyrol, and now they're in the process of establishing their own dental practice in the region. You can find them online at and on Instagram under die.pappenschlosserei.

Their mission as dental professionals is to alleviate their patients' fear of going to dental appointments. Their practice name "Die Pappenschlosserei", which has a whimsical ring to it, helps in bringing a smile to their patients’ faces right from the get-go.Shawn moved from Germany to Tyrol to pursue his dream of becoming a dentist, and during a cycling tour fate brought him and Madeleine, wo was already working in a clinic at that time, together.The idea of starting a joint practice emerged during the Corona lockdown, when they saw an opportunity to create a practice that reflects their vision of patient-centered care.After months of searching for the perfect location, they finally found a suitable spot in Kirchbichl. Their new practice is almost ready to open its doorsin April of this year, and they're eager to start practicing and seeing their first patients.

Let’s go digital with our new practice!

Dr. Madeleine Scott and Dr. Shawn Scott are committed to providing a top-notch dental experience at their newly established practice. Their primary focus is on outfitting the facility with modern equipment, state-of-the-art furnishings, and cutting-edge technology to ensure patients receive the best treatment available. The duo is also eager to incorporate digital workflows right from the start, which includes sending medical history forms to patients via email ahead to physical appointments to minimize paper use. They are streamlining their work processes to be both simple and efficient, utilizing the Softdent practice software, which they have found to be perfect for their needs. Their online appointment booking system has received high praise from patients they have already acquired. With few dentists in the surrounding area, Madeleine and Shawn chose Kirchbichl for their location, which has a high demand for dental care. To attract new patients, they have placed ads and are relying on word-of-mouth recommendations.

Creating a relaxing setting to calm anxious patients 

The newly established dentist couple's heartfelt goal is to set a comfortable atmosphere in their new practice and alleviate their patients' fear of treatment. To achieve this, they have incorporated warm wood and other pleasant materials instead of sterile-looking white furnishings. Time management is also crucial for Madeleine and Shawn: each patient should be given as much time as possible during their treatment, and every aspect of the procedure should be explained step by step and as meticulously as possible– only in this waycan trust be built sustainably. The reception area was also designed with the maximum comfort experience in mind and resembles a hotel bar rather than a traditional reception desk. 

To keep their own skills up-to-date, Madeleine and Shawn regularly participate in dental training courses. Shawn's next goal is to complete the curriculum in endodontics to be even better equipped to carry out tooth preservation procedures. Meanwhile, Madeleine wants to further her education in aesthetic dentistry and orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. If the two were to go back in time and give advice to their younger selves, they would advise them not to rush and to take things one step at a time.

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