Inspirieren durch Coachings und mentales Training

In Conversation with Dr. Marie-Charlott Neumann
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In conversation with
Dr. Marie-Charlott Neumann


We are delighted to welcome Dr. Marie-Charlott Neumann, also known as Dr. Charlie, to the Zircon Medical Podcast. In her own practice in Bavarian Weißenburg, this inspiring dentist follows a holistic and integrative approach in caring for her patients. With her new course program on integrative dentistry and mental training, the mentor brings back the joy of the profession to countless colleagues and helps them stay physically and mentally fit. For the dentist, mental training is the key to professional and focused work.

Looking beyond the horizon

For Dr. Neumann, practicing dentistry presents a challenge as she must navigate the daily balancing act between pain and health, fear and confidence, all while keeping an eye on the finances. The young dentist admits that this doesn’t go without the occasional mental blocks. She encourages her colleagues to look beyond the confines of conventional medical education and incorporate alternative treatment strategies and concepts into their daily practice in order to provide even better care for their patients.

Dentistry – still a male-dominated field

According to Dr. Neumann, gender-specific differences in dentistry are undeniable. Despite the fact that today women constitute over 70 percent of the dental profession, she believes that the field is still heavily influenced by a male-dominated structure, which she attributes to its historical development. Dr. Neumann attributes the appeal of dentistry to women to its high level of family-friendliness. Dentistry provides many women with the opportunity to combine craftsmanship and medicine while fulfilling family duties.

However, the work structure of this field needs to continue evolving to better meet the needs of women. Dr. Neumann believes that in many places, more time is now devoted to individual patients, and this development can be particularly advantageous for women who highly value interpersonal relationships and a holistic treatment approach. Dr. Neumann's patients are willing to pay for the additional attention and comprehensive approach to their health that they receive in her practice.

Inspired by coaching and mental training

In addition to her daily clinical duties, Dr. Neumann offers coaching and mental training to enhance the mental well-being of her patients. The dentist has recognized that she can help them overcome fears and cope with stress through coaching. Colleagues can also benefit from her expertise through individual coaching sessions and courses on communication techniques and methods from hypnocoaching. Dr. Neumann particularly aims to support women in dentistry in maintaining their mental health, enabling them to sustainably and joyfully pursue their profession. Mental training and a clear strategy have also helped the dentist in finding new employees and building a qualified team.

A heartfelt concern of Dr. Neumann is to continue inspiring her colleagues and patients in the future while also prioritizing her own health and well-being in all her ambitious endeavors.

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