Holistic Dentistry with Metal-Free Fillings

In Conversation with Dr. Volker von Baehr

  • Introducing Dr. Jason Monempour

  • Accidentally stumbling into holistic dentistry 

  • Handling amalgam fillings with holistic dentistry 

  • Removing fillings one quadrant at a time

  • Removing amalgam fillings for aesthetic reasons

  • Ensuring patients have the choice 


Dr. Jason Monempour 

Holistic Dentist at Holistic Smiles in LA 

1808 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA

In Conversation with Dr. Jason Monempour 


Over the past couple of decades, holistic dentistry has become increasingly popular amongst patients. Instead of viewing the mouth as an isolated organ, holistic dentists see how various dental treatments affect the entire human body — not just the mouth. But what are the specific implications of holistic dentistry? And how does holistic dentistry modify traditional dental procedures, such as fillings?  

The Zircon Medical Podcast recently hosted Dr. Jason Monempour, the owner of holistic dental practice in Los Angeles, to discuss holistic dentistry with metal-free fillings. 

Introducing Dr. Jason Monempour, the holistic dentist at Holistic Smiles in LA 

Dr. Jason Monempour is the leading holistic dentist at Holistic Smiles, a dental practice specializing in holistic dentistry in Los Angeles, USA. 

Dr. Monempour says he was always interested in working with his hands. As a kid, he used to take electronics apart and put them back together, and he once used a screwdriver to put a shattered television back together. “When I thought of dentistry,” he said. “I could work with my hands and make people feel better, and that appealed to me — the idea of working with my hands.” 

Accidentally stumbling into holistic dentistry 

Dr. Monempour says he accidentally fell into holistic dentistry. The concept of holistic dentistry wasn’t even remotely touched upon at the NYU School of Dentistry, where he completed his dental studies. While looking for a job as a general dentist, a friend introduced him to a holistic dentist named Dr. Chester Yokoyama, who taught him everything about holistic dentistry over several years. The idea of holistic dentistry appealed to him a lot more.  

Handling amalgam fillings with holistic dentistry 

One of the primary differences between general dentistry and holistic dentistry becomes clear when you examine how they approach amalgam fillings. Before holistic dentistry, if a patient ever had amalgam fillings, the dentist simply drilled into them for removal, which released high volumes of mercury into the immediate environment. Once the mercury spilled out of the amalgam filling, it could be inhaled by everyone in the room, including the patient, dentist, and the dental assistant. The mercury level can be measured with a special blood test. 

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology provided a thorough framework to remove mercury fillings safely. During the procedure, the patient has to breathe through an oxygen mask and the tooth is isolated with a rubber dam, so the mercury doesn’t spill into the surrounding environment. The patient also rinses with charcoal water before and after the session to bind the free radical mercury in the area, the dentist performs high-speed suction in the mouth, and there’s a hood for ventilation above the patient’s face, making the treatment completely safe. 

Additionally, the dentist and dental assistants also wear special masks to avoid breathing in the mercury. This protocol eliminates the risks associated with amalgam fillings. 

Removing fillings one quadrant at a time 

Dr. Monempour says he only removes one quadrant of fillings at a time. At most, he may remove 4 fillings in one session if they’re right next to each other. He also limits the treatment to one quadrant in order to maintain the same occlusion as before. If two quadrants are treated simultaneously, it becomes more difficult to compare the occlusion and restore equilibrium with the patient. For these reasons, Dr. Monempour only treats one quadrant at a time. 

Removing amalgam fillings for aesthetic reasons 

If a patient wants to remove an amalgam filling for aesthetic reasons, Dr. Monempour performs a thorough evaluation with x-rays to determine if there’s a medical justification for the removal. He takes x-rays to examine the filling and the surrounding structures. If he notices cavities, fractures on the tooth or other signs indicating the tooth can get damaged, he can remove the filling. 

However, removing an amalgam filling isn’t always advisable. If the filling is extremely deep and close to the nerve, removing it can expose the pulp tissues, leading to an increased risk of needing root canals or extractions. In those situations, Dr. Monempour may advise against seeking an amalgam filling removal. 

Ensuring patients have the choice 

Holistic dentistry is becoming an important shift within the dental industry. But as with all potentially lucrative fields, there are also bad-faith actors who use manipulative techniques to recommend treatments patients don’t need. Dr. Monempour believes it’s his job to ensure complete transparency with his patients. He informs his patients about all of their options, but the final decision always rests in the patient’s hands. 

For example, if the patient’s tooth is infected, he may recommend three options — doing nothing, root canal, or extractions. He usually advises against doing nothing and highlights the potential long-term risks, but he still offers the option. He also highlights the pros and cons of root canals and extractions, giving his patients all the information they need to make educated decisions. His openness and honesty clearly resonate with patients. 

Dr. Monempour says Los Angeles is one of the densest areas for dentists. He even has two dentists on either side of his practice. But instead of focusing on advanced marketing techniques, he simply focuses on providing the best experience possible to his patients. He believes his honesty and integrity will make him stand out enough to keep the patients coming. 

You can find Dr. Jason Monempour at his practice in LA, USA, or you can contact him through his official or personal Instagram accounts. You can also listen to Dr. Monempour on the latest episode of the Zircon Medical Podcast.

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