In Conversation with  Dr. Boris Shrage
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In conversation with Dr. Boris Shrage


In this episode of our Zircon Medical Podcast, we have the pleasure of hosting Dr. Boris Shrage, a dental professional practicing in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Dr. Shrage is known for his dedication to providing individualized and holistic care to his patients. Through effective communication and education, he successfully alleviates dental anxiety and earns the trust of his patients. With his captivating online presence on social media, this Berlin-based dentist has witnessed a significant increase in new patient referrals.

Prioritizing individual care in a smaller practice

Dr. Shrage has observed a prevailing trend towards larger dental practices and clinics, a development he strongly opposes. While many establishments pursue expansion for economic gains, Dr. Shrage values the personal connection he can establish with his patients. This led him to make a deliberate choice to leave a larger practice and create a smaller one, where he can dedicate ample time to individual consultations and care.

Addressing communication challenges in dentistry

Recognizing the crucial role of communication in the daily practice of dentistry, Dr. Shrage emphasizes the prevalence of communication issues within the field. He believes that dental education should prioritize teaching effective communication strategies tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. Driven by his own negative experience with dental treatment during his youth, he is determined never to subject his patients to similar distress. His goal is to cultivate trust and comfort, ensuring that his patients feel no fear during their treatment. Maintaining a professional and respectful demeanor, he begins initial conversations by assessing the patient's mood and, if necessary, using humor to alleviate any tension, rather than jumping into discussions about teeth right away.

Passion for implants

Dr. Shrage's passion for implantology is evident in his focused and motivated approach, often experiencing a state of flow during surgical procedures. With a strong interest in this field, he continuously seeks further education and aims to align his practice towards providing implantological care for edentulous patients. However, before he can dedicate more time to dental implants, he must overcome organizational hurdles and address personnel-related challenges. Dr. Shrage's holistic approach to dentistry complements his work in implantology. For instance, he conducts vitamin D3 tests and supplements his patients accordingly, creating the best possible immunological conditions for implantation. He also emphasizes the importance of reducing inflammation, stabilizing the microbiome, and providing adequate mineral and vitamin supplementation. Dr. Shrage firmly believes that comprehensive patient education and the addition of extra personnel are vital for the successful implementation of such consultation-intensive approaches.

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