Patent™ shows at the EAO-DGI Meeting: Peri-Implantitis is Preventable

Much like dental conferences worldwide, the EAO-DGI joint meeting in Berlin reached a common conclusion: while various approaches exist for treating peri-implantitis, none have proven to deliver lasting success. Consequently, the primary objective in implant therapy should be preventing peri-implantitis from developing in the first place.

In alignment with this pivotal insight, the Zurich-based implant manufacturer Zircon Medical chose Implant Dentistry Without Peri-Implantitis as the overarching motto for their congress appearance. Showcasing an independent long-term study, they demonstrated that peri-implantitis is indeed preventable with two-piece dental implants: The study at the University of Düsseldorf on integrated Patent™ Implants found healthy soft tissues (12.9% BOP), minimal marginal bone loss (less than 1 mm MR), and no peri-implantitis after 9 years of implant function.

With Patent™ Zircon Medical has embraced a 'Zero Peri-implantitis' strategy, which the distinguished researcher Dr. Roland Glauser explained at the company's booth as follows: With Patent™, it is possible to achieve strong attachment of soft tissue thanks to the mucophilic surface of its transgingival collar. The resulting sealing acts as a strong defense barrier against inflammatory bacteria—or as Dr. Glauser puts it, as a 'powerful biological firewall.' In combination with the soft-tissue-level-design without microgap at the critical crestal bone level, this prevents microorganisms from penetrating the peri-implant tissues and accumulating at a neuralgic point. The result: Biological long-term successes with minimal risk of chronic tissue inflammation and minimal bone resorption.

"We stand for predictable, reproducible long-term results!"
Interview with Marco Waldner (Zircon Medical CEO)