Longterm peri-implant health

Healthy soft tissue is the requirement for peri-implant health. Zirconia has proven to accumulate less plaque than other materials (3) .

In essence, this seal protects the bone healing process beneath it. In the short-term to ensure fast and reliable osseointegration, and in the long-term to prevent peri-implant complications


Strong Soft Tissue Seal

With the Patent™ Implant you achieve a soft tissue seal that protects the bone and reduces marginal bone loss. 

A tight seal is created, which protects the healing bone beneath it, supports osseointegration in the short term, and helps maintain a stable interface between the implant and surrounding integrated bone in the long-term.

Photograph courtesy of Schüpbach
Comparison Percentage Connective Tissue (CT) and Epithelium (Epi.) within Biological Width (BW) Titanium Implants: CT=38.1% Epi.=61.9% Zirconia Implants: CT=65,4%, Epi.=34,6%

No peri-implantitis and stable soft tissue

The strong, soft tissue seal reduces the pocket depth significantly, and this will eliminate peri-implantitis long-term.

The intimate attachment of soft tissue around the Patent™ 2-Piece Implant, along with the plaque-resistant nature of the material, reduces plaque accumulation and prevents the onset of Peri-implantitis.


5-12 years Retrospective Study

In a retrospective multi-center study (in preparation), Dr. Sofia Karapataki and the University of Graz reported no peri-implantitis in a cohort of compromised patients. 

The Patent™ Implants maintained stable marginal bone and soft tissue levels throughout the study period. No implants demonstrated peri-implantitis, even after 12 years in function and less than ideal oral hygie ne.  (19)


An Introductory Guide to Patent™ Dental Implant System. 

We’ve put together an introductory guide with all the salient features and characteristics of the Patent™ ImplantsDownload our brochure now.

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Voix d'autres professionnels dentaires

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“Sur la base de l'expérience de plus de 10 systèmes d'implants en zircone différents, je peux dire que le système d'implants Patent™ offre une bio-intégration inégalée.” Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright

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“Le système d'implants Patent™ présente des profondeurs de poche de sondage minimales.” Dr. Gernot Obermair

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La périimplantite est-elle pour vous une préoccupation croissante parmi vos patients porteurs d'implants à long terme?

L'inflammation péri-implantaire autour de l'implant est la cause la plus fréquente de complications tardives, qui peuvent conduire à la perte d'un implant dans le pire des cas.

Pour éviter cela, notre système d'implants dentaires Patent™ prend en charge une bio-intégration complète.

Téléchargez dès maintenant notre brochure Patent™ Bio-Integration.

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L'ostéo-intégration ne suffit pas

The Patent™ Online Training Course is a comprehensive overview of the Patent™ Implant System. You'll hear from renowned dental and healthcare professionals, including the Chairman of the WHO Foundation, to understand how Patent™ sets the new paradigm in implantology. We also provide real-time videos and instructional documents to guide you through the Patent™ application, surgery, and prosthetics.

In short, this crash course offers the shortest and most effective route to get your dental clinic Patent™ ready.

Case Studies

We provide peer-to-peer case examples to encourage learning and promote higher standards of excellence among dental professionals. Our clinical case studies serve as a constant resource for training and education.


The Patent™ Dental Implant System 

Zirconia is the material of choice in high-end dentistry. The global demand for sustainable health has paved the way for biocompatible ceramic implants that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The esthetic and functional nature of ceramic implants makes them highly desirable among patients.

The soft tissue level implant only consists of two components - a tooth-colored 
Y-TZP zirconia implant and a high-tec glass fiber post.

Patent™ Dental  Implant System marks a new era of safe and esthetic implant treatments proven by science.

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