Re-think Dental Implants

Patent™ is the well-documented new generation of zirconia ceramic implants that takes up the bright torch and is already running with it into the future. Rooted in deep science and rich experience, Patent™ shines – not only with its well-known high aesthetics, strength and biocompatibility – but also with its unique benefits for patients and dentists.

Reduced to the maximum


Simplicity is the new standard. One revolutionary surface, two components, no screws. The Implants are made from ceramic (Y-TZP zirconia) and are available as one- or two-piece and completely customizable. The post is made from high-performance glass fiber. That’s what Patent™ is all about.

Smart individuality

Individuality is the new perfection. Every smile is different, and in many cases, a customized solution is the best pathway to long-term aesthetics, oral health and well-being. We believe this approach goes deeper than prosthetics, which is why we are the only implant company offering individualized zirconia ceramic implants.

Rebel surface

The Patent™ surface, that is significantly rougher than other zirconia implants, shows a hydrophilic behaviour and offers a five times larger surface area for more bone cells to attach compared to machined zirconia surfaces.

This leads to a rapid and predictable osseointegration proven to be on an even playing field with titanium implants.

Did somebody say post and core?

We brought it from endo to implantology because
it’s safe, proven, and easy. With a maximum of prosthetic flexibility like any conventional treatment and
as you know it from post and core. And the tissue
benefits are next level. The cemented connection
is above the tissue and completely covered by the
crown. That means no healing abutments, no micro
gap, no bacteria exposure, and no inflammation,
resulting in preserved tissues.

Effortless Cementation

No screws. No stress. No snags. Think endodontics. Now think post and core. It’s that easy. Our glass fiber post and core assembly is simply cemented directly to the Patent™ implant’s integrated abutment.

Simple. Safe. Proven.

Patented manufacturing process: Guarantee Smart manufacturing process resulting in a material without process induced micro cracks.

Extra strong connection: 3C™connection offers an optimal geometry for
torque transmission.

Ideal combination of metal free materials:
Zirconia ceramic implant and flexible high-performance glass fiber post.

Patent™ is the most well-documented two-piece zirconia ceramic implant system with proven high survival rate. So, we share our confidence with
you and your patients offering lifetime guarantee on all our implants.