Prospective Study

A prospective study with a two-year follow-up of 52 patients revealed a 95.8% cumulative implant survival rate. After 24 months, all implant sites displayed a creeping soft-tissue attachment with a gain of keratinized tissues.


Retrospective Study

A retrospective study with a three-year follow-up of 74 patients revealed a 96.5% cumulative implant survival rate. The study produced two key findings. First, the marginal bone levels were stable. Second, healthy mucosal conditions were observed with probing pocket depth (PPD) and bleeding on probing (BOP) significantly lower around the implants than around the teeth.

Case Studies

We provide peer-to-peer case examples to encourage learning and promote higher standards of excellence among dental professionals. Our clinical case studies serve as a constant resource for training and education.

Download  EDI Journal - Horvath Case
Download  EDI Journal - Fahrenholz Case

Magazine Excerpts  

We recommend to read the case study from Dr. med. dent. Wolfgang Winges about the bilateral rehabilitation with zirconia dental implants (p. 6-13).

Download  Implantologie Journal 12/2020 Case Report Dr. Winges

Are you curious about the story behind the Patent™ Dental Implant System? Then take a look at the current Dental Fresh Magazine (2020/4).

Download  Dentalfresh Magazine Interview mit Marco Waldner


In 2006, after winning a patent dispute over a renowned implant manufacturer, we were granted the patent for the unique process that produces our zirconia implants with their signature hydrophilic surface. The proprietary manufacturing process guarantees an unparalleled implant strength with a unique surface roughness for rapid and predictable osseointegration. These are the qualities that differentiate our unique technology and put our implants on an even playing field with titanium implants.


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