Biointegration is essential to the success and longevity of the implant.

The optimum healing between the soft tissue and the Patent™ Implant eliminates infections and reduces complications like periimplantitis and perimucositis. The cemented connection between the implant and the integrated abutment lies above the tissue and is completely covered by the dental crown.




100% Metal-Free

The new era of dental implantology is here, and it is founded by zirconia implants.  Zirconia is a truly metal-free material that looks and feels like actual teeth, making it highly desirable among patients.

Zirconia implants are corrosion resistant and have less plaque adhesion, making them just as durable and biocompatible as titanium implants. Clinical studies have proven that zirconia implants have a nearly perfect  survival  rate over an extended period of time.

(Becker, 2017) 

Simple & Streamlined

Chair Time

The Patent ™ t ooth replacement procedure combines a single stage streamlined surgery, with a conventional post and core restoration.


  The Patent ™  Dental Implant System only includes three components - the implant, the integrated abutment and the glass fiber post.


 The Patent™ Dental Implant System is biomimetic and takes advantage of traditional dental procedures, reducing the need for extensive training.

Initial Investment

There is no need for additional components and tools.

Testimonial - Dr. Gernot Obermair

"...It integrates very quickly and there is no inflammation at all..." ~Gernot Obermaier 


Research Paradigm

The Patent™ Dental Implant System was born out of a desire to improve upon existing dental implant technology, spearheading a new era in metal-free tooth replacement solutions. Patent™ is currently the world’s most well documented ceramic implant system. Our existing research proves that we have a survival rate comparable to the most successful titanium implants. 

(Becker, 2017)

Our Starter Set

The Patent™ STARTER SET includes 15 Patent™ Zirconia Implants, a Surgical Kit, and a comprehensive training course.

Patent™ Implants

The Starter Set includes 15 standard Patent™ Zirconia Implants.

Patent™ Surgical Set

The Starter Set includes a surgical kit complete with all necessary for the procedure.

Patent™ Training

Our comprehensive training course will equip you to treat any indication with the Patent™ Dental Implant System.

Zircon Medical Management Education

Using the Patent™ Dental Implant System is straightforward and efficient.  However, it’s different from conventional dental implants with screw retained abutments. We provide comprehensive courses designed to make you an expert with the Patent™ System in no time.  We also provide marketing resources and training to help you attract more patients to your practice.


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