Symposium Szeged 2022 Fall

Szeged, Hungary

IX. Tóth Pál Vándorgyűlés - Szegedi Fogorvostalálkozó és tudományos konferencia

The József Attila Study and Information Center (TIK) in the University of Szeged will host the Szeged Dentist Meeting and Scientific Conference from the 29th of September to the 30th of September, 2022. The conference and dentist meeting are in accordance with Szeged traditions, providing an opportunity to learn about new, effective procedures in implantology, endosurgery, and prosthodontics.

Zircon Medical is proud to participate in the Szeged Dentist Meeting and Scientific Conference, where we will present the innovative Patent™ Dental Implant System, which can eliminate the risk of peri-implant complications related to dental implants.

Datum & Uhrzeit
29. September 2022
Start - 09:00
30. September 2022
Ende - 18:00 Europe/Zurich

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